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Monday, March 02, 2009

Were you hoping for more baby pics?

A superb weekend. A great balance of friends, family, rest and work.
A couple of nights ago I had brought Dylan into bed with us in the night as I was too tired to get out of bed to feed him. Our big cat Bosh was at my feet, taking up much space. Dylan was making his usual noises keeping me awake anyway and Chris had the bulk of the blankets. Frustrated, I thought I wouldn't get any sleep with no room, no covers and no peace. Then I thought again, "Look at all this love in my bed. My husband, my baby, my cat. My world. Enjoy it and love it right back." I fell back to sleep eventually with a smile.
Last night we went to the Danny Michel concert. Really a great, great show and much fun. Danny finished the night with the Los Lobos "Life is Good" and it made me think of my life. It is so damn good.
Here are the lyrics:
I get happy 'cause my life is good
I get laughin' 'cause I know I should
I get all happy 'cause my life is good, so good
And I go Ooh la la Mm (x4)
I get happy 'cause my life is good
Turnin' out just like I thought it would
I get all happy 'cause my life is so dang good
And I go Ooh la la Mm (x8)
I get all happy 'cause my life is so damn good
Ooh la la Mm (x8)
And I go
Ooh la la Mm (x8)
Love, Miia
PS Here's a DM song not from last night but one he did sing and made me think of the long, long love I have for Chris.


Amanda said...

Ok, seriously. THE cutest little man ever.

Charles Gramlich said...

Of course we were hoping for more pics.

You said it right on in your bottom comments about love. It's great to have it.