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Friday, March 02, 2007


I love the hawkers selling their wares between a cop and a 'no hawking' sign!


Anonymous said...

anarchy is a concept i've been struggling with lately. forget about the anomie in the streets of copenhagen by the "anarchists", the idea of no law or order just doesn't exist anywhere. chaos in the biblical or Hobbesian sense is not appropriate. i've taken to reading Emma Goldman who found all man-made laws unnecessarily harmful and violent. fair enough, but if this stems from an inherent mistrust of man, how can we maintain hope. when Dutch aid is really pork appropriated for domestic can Ghana emerge from a seeminly typical lapse into anarchy the imperial media loves to display? you're free to interpret this as rhetorical....

benjibopper said...

I disagree with Emma Goldman. Laws, or rules, work best on a smaller scale then we tend to see them, which is why 'uninversal' law makes little sense on the ground.

Ghana is emerging relatively well these days, but mainly by playing by the rules of foreign nations. Far be it from me to speak to what this nation should do; it's a good question. But on the question of 'aid,' I am writing a feature on it, and economic dependency, and liberation. Hopefully I'll post that link soon.