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Friday, March 30, 2007

Last Day's Headline

Today was my last official day at the paper - had a nice departing conversation with Bossman, who said my impact on the paper had been stellar. He invited me to keep writing a monthly column from back in Canadia, which I would like to do if time permits. I'll have one more book review in Saturday's paper, but here is my last weekday story, and it's actual news at that:

Hawkers begrudge AMA's Pedestrians Shopping Mall...Where are the customers?


ps. After our trip to Togo and our reportage on the Ewe issue, apparently sales have jumped in the Volta Region, where Ewe are the majority, and, furthermore, the paper is now considered 'pro-Ewe.' Now Bossman is happy, after initial reservations that we were "unnecessarily stirring a dangerously hot pot."


EB said...

Last day - are you taking some R&R before your next step of the journey? You have certainly written many and varying articles over the past few months and I am sure must have mixed feelings in bringing it to an end. EB

benjibopper said...

Supposedly I have now officially started my freelance career. So far it's about as efficient as Soviet bureaucracy, what with the frequent power outtages and competing with Miia for computer time. Her work is much more urgent at this point so she has been winning those battles, so I'm using the time to catch up on reading, doing research, making appointments with friends for goodbyes, souvenir shopping, and cooking and eating.