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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Road Trip!!

we are now being accompanied by our mutual friend Conor, who is taking to life here quite well. it's not surprising, he has the right traits: easy-going, flexible, outgoing. that last one is where i find myself most lacking here - it's always tough when i find myself the centre of attention and i don't even know why. or, that is, the reasons why are nonsense.

challenges aside, we're all quite enjoying ourselves, and are about to embark on a 9-day excursion around the country, during which we have a good chance of seeing elephants, hippos, gators, and most definitely monkeys of different varieties. we've already seen mones, and also baboons, which are best seen from inside your vehicle. so, we're all quite excited.

miia and i are also excited about moving on, seeing where my grandmother grew up (glasgow) and the highlands, plus revisiting gay paris, and lounging briefly on spanish beaches, before returning to our friends, family, and cats (one of whom is now recovering from a serious gash to his belly).

i am also anxious to finish my novel, and on the job front i've had serious interest from a monthly activisty magizine in new brunswick, which would probably pay me in canadian tire money but be interesting work if M is willing to become my sugar mama (which she says she is, and in fact she is now making far more money than I thanks to short-term paid gigs with UN and the orphanage).

because of this road trip we won't likely be updating the blog for the next 10 days at least, so worry not! we shall have some good pictures and stories when we return to Accra.


ps. Congratulations to my good friends Arben and Anida, who just became Canadian citizens!!


Amanda said...

Have a most fantastic trip, you three! We'll be standing by for the pictures and stories. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Love, Amanda.

Niina said...
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Niina said...

Hey! Sorry about the last message! Hope the trip is going incredibly well, and that you catch some amazing sunsets!! I can't wait to hear about all the adventures!