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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Europeans. Born into the world’s greatest health advantages; recruit what medical talent they don’t have from Africa, suck on poison sticks, puff the bi-product into my atmosphere so that the one place in Accra where I can buy one of their delicious chocolate croissants becomes too polluted to enjoy it. Europeans.


Anonymous said...

in some european states, I must point out, civilisation is becoming so pristine that Africa's doctors are, in fact, not as coveted as before. white man's burden has evolved, my young journalist friend. it has metamorphed into the pursuit of not just caring for white man's ass, but obsessing over it to the point where the ass becomes the central focal point of all things. some have their heads up it, others merely camp out along the orifice waiting to eject unwanted detritus. despite enthusiasms, however, a stench lingers.

benjibopper said...


Anonymous said...

Nope. If I ask you what people think about Nkrume today and his idea of pan-Africanism, would you then have a better idea? Seriously. How is the founding father viewed given his despotic tilt at the end? the preventive detention act for example. still lots of mudslinging i imagine.

benjibopper said...

I suspected it was you.

Nkrumah is still quite a god here, much like Lenin in Russia and Mao in China. Some are openly critical, it's always a hot debate. The political party he founded still exists; it's about as strong as Canada's NDP. Or maybe less so. But the myth of the man remains pretty golden. Personally, I think his despotic tilt started sooner rather than later. But as you know, I was unborn at the time.